Valencia CF Soccer Program


How Do We Develop Players? Or, more importantly, how will we develop your child? We believe this is a pretty big question, that rarely is answered. You may be told about a coach's resume, or the importance of certain leagues but does the club have a long term plan for the players within its care? Valencia CF Academy Greece works following the philosophy and the methodology of Valencia CF Academy .

We believe that carries some importance. Valencia CF Academy Greece means a group of people with shared values and traits. Valencia CF Academy Greece has an identity. A club sticks together.  Valencia CF Academy Greece is on the same page.

We do not believe a player should have to relearn the game from year to year. We do not believe coaches should coach the same team from cradle to grave. We Feel that youth soccer should be about something more than gaining results so you can win the annual recruiting war.

This is how we structure our training environment. There are many other ways and we do not claim to have a full proof player development philosophy as an Academy. But, we do claim to have one...

Valencia CF, helps to expand in Greece, Valencia C.F. image, crest and colors. From the sport side, makes international and spreads our "Training and Educational Philosophy". With a renewed training methodology now our model of game can be experienced and enjoyed in each corner of Greece.

Children and players from different sides of Greece enjoy, learn and improve their understanding of football is our big final aim. Being ready as players to make front together to new performances and social challenges, we will grow and feel better. We are sure this experience will bring new relations between cultures and mutual benefits such as sportive and commercial ones.

Valencia CF academy has developed its own Model of Training based on Valencia CF Model of Game, set from our Identity. We aim to develop players who enjoy, who make decisions and have impetus to build game offensively, being intense without ball to recover it. This leads to the education of the player, taking into account the stage where he is by age and situation (biological age). This means that our model varied to suit the player's needs at all times, taking care of different contents of training given his context:

1. Technical
2. Tactical (Personal or Collective Behaviour)
3. Physical
4. Psychological (Personality - Social - etc.)

All this embodied makes our Model of Training set up those contents in a general way throughout the week. It sets the Moments of the Game to develop, the dynamics of participation of the players. The complexity of achieving the objectives and the parity recovery-effort that the training must have.

In other words, we know when and how to introduce technical behaviors, individual tactical behaviors and tactical aspects of collective game for the correct education of the player.

These contents will be spread during the sessions of the week in the best way:
Stage 1. U6 - U10
Stage 2.U11 - U12
Stage 3.U13 - U15
Stage 4.U16 - U19

VCF Academy, aims is the integral development of the young footballers who are trained under the responsibility of Valencia CF at the Ciudad Esportiva - which includes both sporting and personal development. The objective is to emphasize the importance of aspects of personal development (academic studies, role of teachers, tutors, coaches, parents, etc.).

The heads of the VCF Academy are carrying out work to define the "personal profile" that they want to instill in the boys and girls at the VCF Academy, with essential aspects such as:

1. The development of personal autonomy.
2. Learning the skills necessary for competition ('Learning to Compete'), with respect always a maximum exponent.
3. The transmission of Valencianista sentiment through the values of the most significant players in the history of the club.

Using the 'VCF Personal Profile', different actions will be implemented such as the 'School for Parents,' with periodic talks, specific training of coaches and the smooth communication with the associated schools.